To improve birth registration practices and provide reliable age estimates for individuals without birth records, D.O.B Foundation is willing to collaborate with NGO’s in other countries. Kindly write to us. Our details are provided in the ‘CONTACT US’ section.

We have formulated a template to efficiently reach the public to promote the importance of birth registration through talks, street shows and other forms of communications. We are willing to share our resources with our participants. Conversely, if you have suggestions for effective public campaigns, please get in touch with us.

The method of age assessment developed by our team, Dental Age Research London Information Group (DARLInG) has been recognized internationally and accepted by the scientific community, please see the ‘RESEARCH’ section. Interested organizations can approach us to learn the research methodology to conduct scientific and evidence based age assessments.

Participating organizations can apply for funding from the DOB Foundation to conduct campaigns and other awareness raising programs in their respective countries. Resources can also be provided in the form of knowledge sharing and/or manpower.