India Program

India is one of the most populous country and fastest growing economy in the world. DOB Foundation has established connections with the NGOs operating in India. Hence, India will be targeted first as a pilot country for demonstration of project that would serve as a blueprint for other countries. We will be soon expanding the scope of this organization to other parts of the world.

Key facts

  • 1.33 billion population with 27 million births occurring every year
  • 28% of births unregistered (UNICEF, 2018)
  • 30% of the population are children below 14 years of age
  • 70% of births occur at home
  • 27% of children have been issued with birth certificates
  • 12% of children work as labors
  • 47% of children get married by 18 years of age


  • Improve birth registration in India through campaigns, particularly in the States that has registered less than 50% of births including Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Recommend the Government of India to increase the number of Birth Registration offices, particularly in the rural areas of each sub-districts and districts.
  • Recommend the Government of India to ease the process of birth registration by discontinuing the need for affidavit or court orders for late registration of births.
  • Recommend the Government of India to levy the charges for registering a birth and additional fines imposed for late registration of births.
  • Provide training to the mid-wives to facilitate the process of registering home birth babies.
  • Invoke age assessment related research by establishing collaboration with medical and dental teaching hospitals in India.
  • Establish collaboration with Indian Dental and Medical Associations to dissipate research findings.
  • Propose an established method of age assessment to the Governments of India to estimate the age of millions of children without birth certificate.
  • Collaborate with the Government of India to use the method of age assessment to assist the pending cases on age disputes in the courts in respective territories.
  • Provide certificate, diploma and other training courses to dentists and other age assessment practitioners including medical doctors and forensic pathologists to conduct scientifically accepted age assessments.
  • Propose Indian dental and medical regulatory councils to include Forensic Dentistry in the undergraduate teaching curriculum and to include age assessment as a module within this subject.